Dr. George Mathew

Forest Entomologist | Conservation Biologist

Humanity is now passing through a serious crisis following climate change. Due to the unprecedented weather conditions, there has been tremendous changes in the habitat leading to coastal erosion, landslides, enhanced human-wild animal conflicts, crop loss, emergence of new pests and disease situations as well as outbreak of pandemics. These have led to deterioration of health in animals and plants, inflation, mounting debt as well as a rise in fuel and food prices. To minimise these threats, we need to shift to technologies that are not detrimental to the environment. Adoption of ecologically / environmentally sound developmental activities is very essential to minimize the ill effects of climate change.


To undertake research and development activities on tropical biodiversity with special emphasis on conservation of insect fauna of natural ecosystems.


To undertake multidisciplinary research on insect pests of agricultural and forestry crops as well as stored commodities including food grains, seeds and timber.

Thrust areas of research

Biology, ecology, and control of insect pests of forest plantations, nurseries and stored commodities.
Biodiversity and ecological studies in forest ecosystems.

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Dr. George Mathew, former Forest Entomologist at Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi has over 44 years of research experience on various aspects of Forest Entomology covering insect pest identification, pest management; biodiversity documentation, monitoring and assessment; Environmental Impact assessment; butterfly conservation; Sanitary and Phytosanitary aspects, etc.

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